BS in Accounting Technology

        Graduates of the BS in Accounting Technology (BSAT) should possess professional competence and are capable of contributing positively to the society. They are expected to learn independently and sustain professional competence in the exercise of their careers. Realizing its potential as a vehicle for making a positive change, the Program is designed to maximize values formation and the development professional ethics in the tradition of Marist education.


      1. Acquired a high degree of professional competence and an attitude of self-directed learning, imbued with the Marist ideals, attitudes and values;
      2. Developed knowledge, skills and proficiencies to become Certified Accounting Technicians and for general accounting career in commerce, government and the business process outsourcing industry;
      3. Demonstrated the ability to conduct research and appreciate the importance of research in the development of the business sector and the Accountancy profession in particular.
      4. Developed a well-founded sense of professionalism, values, ethics and attitudes that enable them to continue to learn and adapt to change throughout their professional lives.