BS in Cooperatives Management

          A pillar in the promotion of Cooperativism for regional and national development through relevant, quality and sustainable Cooperatives Management Education.

          To provide learning opportunities by enhancing proficiency in general office administration amidst a technology-driven environment; To develop students’ analytical and critical thinking skills through real work simulation activities and researches to deepen concerns for community development thru extension services; To produce graduates with a high degree of professionalism and values as effective providers of administrative support.


      1. Demonstrate advance knowledge on the functional areas of management, entrepreneurship and enterprise development that are consistent with the cooperative values and principles
      2. Instill a critical and integrated understanding of the world of business with a firm foundation in related areas such as economics, ethics, information technology, organization behavior and cooperative law
      3. Exhibit proficiency in management of cooperatives.
      4. Identify cooperative as a model organization in local and national development that creates both social and economic value.