BS in Office Administration

          This four-year program aims to provide students with adequate knowledge and analytical skills in office administration.

          To provide learning opportunities by enhancing proficiency in general office administration amidst a technology-driven environment; To develop students’ analytical and critical thinking skills through real work simulation activities and researches to deepen concerns for community development thru extension services; To produce graduates with a high degree of professionalism and values as effective providers of administrative support.


      1. Provide general administrative and clerical support to higher- level executives guided by the Code of Ethics for Office Professionals.
      2. Coordinate office management activities.
      3. Manage office communications.
      4. Organize files, information, and office supplies effectively.
      5. Exhibit acceptable human relations skills in a diverse environment.
      6. Engage in lifelong learning to keep abreast of the development in the international employment market.​