New Students
    • Freshmen applicants must pass the College Entrance Test
    • Passed the Interview
    • Form 138 (Report Card) or Transcript of Records
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character signed by the Guidance Counselor or Principal
    • Medical Certification signed by any government physician
    • Four (4) recent 1” x 1” ID pictures
    • Certified true copy of Live Birth (NSO)
    • Honorable Dismissal (Original)
    • True copy of Transcript of Record certified by the Registrar
    • College Admission Test
    • Medical Certificate signed by government physician
    • Certified true copy of Live Birth (NS0)
    • Four (4) recent 1” x 1” ID pictures

Schedule of Fees

Resolution No. 06, S. 2018
Republic Act 10931
Tuition Fee per Unit₱ 150.00
Registration₱ 50.00
Library Fee₱ 300.00
Guidance Fee₱ 50.00
Sports and Development Fee/Athletics₱ 275.00
Recreational, Social and Cultural Fee₱ 275.00
Medical/Dental Fee₱ 220.00
Development Fee₱ 350.00
Laboratory Fee₱ 100.00/Hour
Maritime Laboratory Fee₱ 700.00/Hour
Computer Fee/I.T Fee₱ 200.00/Hour
School I.D.₱ 100.00
Entrance Fee₱ 100.00
Admission Fee₱ 50.00
Handbook Fee₱ 100.00

Scholarships and Financial Grant

Scholarship/Grants Program

The Scholarship program aims to provide opportunities to poor but deserving students to avail scholarships granted by private or public individuals, organizations, foundations and the like.

There are three types of scholarship offered in the University. The following scholarships are:

Government Funded Scholarships
    • CHED-StuFAPs (Regular)

Full-Merit    – avails P15,000.00 per semester

Half-Merit   – avails P7,500.00 per semester

Tulong-Dunong – avails P6,000.00 per semester

    • CHED-StuFAPs (Iskolar ng Bayan)

Full-Merit    – avails P15,000.00 per semester

Half-Merit   – avails P7,500.00 per semester

Tulong-Dunong  – avails P6,000.00 per semester

    • DND CHED-PASUC Scholarship – enjoys free tuition (PASUC Counterpart), P2,500 for miscellaneous (CHED counterpart) and P8,000.00 annual stipend (DND counterpart)
    • DOST-SEI Scholarship – enjoys free tuition and miscellaneous, with book allowance of P5,000.00 per semester and P5,000.00  stipend per month
    • Extended Student Grant-in-Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (ESGP-PA) – allotted P10,000.00 for tuition fee, with book allowance of P2,500.00 per semester and P3,500.00 stipend per month
    • LGU-Sibalom – avails P5,000.00 per semester
    • TD-AAMBIS OWA – avails P3,000.00 per semester
    • TD-ANGKLA – avails P6,000.00 per semester
    • TD-AKBAYAN – avails P6,000.00 per semester
    • TD-CONGRESSIONAL avails P6,000.00 per semester
    • TD-COOP NATCCO – avails P6,000.00 per semester
    • TD-DIWA – avails P6,000.00 per semester
    • TD-MAGDALO (Acedillo, Alejano, Trillanes) – avails P4,500.00 per semester
    • TD-SEN. LOREN LEGARDA – avails P6,000.00 per semester
    • UA TULONG-DUNONG (New) – avails P6,000.00 per Semester
Privately Funded Scholarships
    • PLDT-2G Scholarship Program – enjoys monthly allowance of Php 1,500.
    • SECDEP Scholarship – avail Php 5, 000 taking up general courses and Php 8, 000 taking up BS InfoTech, BS Entep, BS Commerce & BS Business Administration
    • ANJUSH BUILDERS Scholarship – avail Php 3, 000 monthly stipend taking up BS Education, BS Civil Engineering & BS Architecture.
    • Life Bank Foundation Inc. Scholarship