Retention Policies

Scholastic Status

Evaluation of student records for purposes of retention is guided by the following standards:


% Failure
Allowable Load for the following Semester
25%-49%WARNINGLess 3 Units from normal load
50%-75%PROBATION15 units only
76%-100%PERMANENTNot allowed to Enroll



Required Grade

1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
Qualifiying Exam85%85% 

Honorable Dismissal


A student is considered dismissed from the official roll of the University when:

  • He/she has failed in one course when for the previous semester, he/she was placed “on probation”;
  • He/she has been placed ‘on probation” for three successive semesters.

A student who is already considered dismissed from the University is no longer qualified to enroll in any course, college, or campus of the university.

A student may apply for his/her honorable dismissal to allow him/her to enroll in other institutions of learning.

Withdrawal from the University

Any student wishing to officially withdraw from the University and transfer to another school, college or university may do so, provided, that he/she has already cleared himself/herself of all liabilities and responsibilities (academic and financial) in the University.

The necessary documents for withdrawal such as clearance and request for certificate of eligibility to transfer could be availed of from the Office of the University Registrar.

Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer

Eligibility to Transfer is voluntary withdrawal from the University with the consent of the University Registrar or equivalent official duly authorized by the President of the University. University Clearance should be accomplished before a Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer is issued. The certificate indicates that the student withdraws in good standing as far as character and conduct are concerned. If the student has been dropped from the rolls on account of poor scholarship, a statement to the effect shall be added to the transfer credential. A certification of good moral character maybe issued separately.

A student in good standing who desires to sever his connection with the University shall request Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer from the University Registrar.

For a student who leaves the University for a reason of suspension, dropping, or expulsion due to disciplinary action, a statement of the disciplinary action rendered against him may be included in the Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer.